A new way to ‘treat’ your pup.
Human-grade wellness chews your pup will enjoy
Lab Tested
No-sacrifice functional chews with organic human-grade ingredients.
Never Mass Manufactured
Lots of companies make you think their treats are made in small batches, but marketing can be deceiving. Pupums treats are made by hand in small batches.
No Brown Globs
Most treats are extremely processed regardless of ingredient claims and pictures.
No Label Tricks
Natural doesn’t always mean natural. Our labels only have ingredients you can pronounce. Paws Honor.
Digestive Support
Daily Supplement
Holistic Approach to Wellness

Pupums canine wellness chews are formulated with the highest quality ingredients for your dog’s unique needs. From digestive support to daily wellness, we have you covered.

Always Human-Grade

Heald to the same standards as human food, Pupums treats are made from ethical high-quality ingredients.

Always Organic

Pupums product are pure. You can rest assured what you see on packaging is what you get.

Why our pups’ tails are wagging

“From time to time Luke would have terrible anxiety from fireworks or flying. After finding Pupums calming treats, we no longer need to use Vet perscribed meds.”

Julia- Luke’s Mom
“Choosing quality food for Duke is first on our priority list, and the same goes for our treats. The reason I love Pupums is because know every ingredient going into their treats.”
Nick- Duke’s Dad

“One of the main reasons I love Pupums is because they don’t skimp on the ingredients. From high-quality Hemp Extract to Ashwagandha each treat is packed full of nutrition and benefits. “

Alex- Peanut’s Mom