Easy for you, healthy for them.

The perfect treat for picky pups and owners. 

Simply Smart Human-Grade Dog Treats
Made With Premium Ingredients


How We’re Different


Organic Ingredients



Always Human-Grade

Held to the same standards as human food, Pupums treats are made from ethical high-quality ingredients.

Always High Quality

Pupums product are pure. You can rest assured what you see on packaging is what you get.

Pupums treats are 100% human-grade and non-CMO. All of our treats contain. No by-products. No preservatives. and No chemicals, making them perfectly fit for human-grade consumption.
Made in the USA
We hand-craft all our dog treats in small batches right here in the USA. The quality of our treats are individually checked before we ship them from our women-owned. and food-safe manufacturing facility.
Vet Approved
Formulated with veterinarians and animal nutritionists Pupums treats are designed with your pup’s health and nutrition in mind.

Why our pups’ tails are wagging

Alex- Peanut’s Mom

“One of the main reasons I love Pupums is because they don’t skimp on the ingredients. From high-quality Non-GMO Oat Flour to Organic peanut butter each treat is packed full of nutrition and benefits.”

Alex- Peanut's Mom

Nick- Duke’s Dad

“Choosing quality food for Duke is first on our priority list, and the same goes for our treats. The reason I love Pupums is because know every ingredient going into their treats.”

Nick- Duke's Dad

Julia- Luke’s Mom

“From time to time Luke would have terrible “tummy aches”. Our vet recommended we switch treats and try Pupums. Sure enough tummy aches were gone. We’re happy we found Pupums.”

Julia- Luke's Mom